Shinobu Sakagami Sings Let's Dance on TV

Shinobu Sakagami sang Let's Dance on TV in the summer 2014 and proved he is a big Bowie fan. His skill as a singer was highly evaluated by Japanese fans.

He also made an appearance on a Japanese trailer for Bowie's new compilation album 'Nothing Has Changed', and presents the first question of 'Bowie Quiz Championship' hosted by Warner Music Japan.

Shinobu Sakagami presents David Bowie quiz:

Shinobu Sakagami was interviewed about David Bowie. Here is the snippet from the article on the interview translated into English. Sakagami says Bowie is an artist who is courageous toward changes, and he wonders how there could be such a stylish and sophisticated pervert.

- How did you come to listen to rock music?

Sakagami: I was influenced by my big brother who is 4 years older than me and was secretly listening to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Cheap Trick, etc. I thought western music was cool, and started to buy magazines such as Rockin' On and Rockin' F to be a copy cat at first. Then I liked the TV program 'Best Hit USA' presented by Katsuya Kobayashi, and was shocked to know Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, and U2. In the process of being wholly devoted to British rock, I saw Bowie for the first time. I got interested in those who respect Bowie, such as Duran Duran. Though I had known Bowie only with the image of 'Aladdin Sane', I didn't know well what kind of music he was making. But I found that he was such a great man through them and came to listen to him, which astonished me. He is, as it were, theatrical. He is like in the middle between acting and music. Since then, I have come to recognize David Bowie as David Bowie rather than discuss his musicality. Around that time, Let's Dance (1983) was released, and I was stunned more.

- What was so attractive about Bowie?

Sakagami: In the first place, he is cool. He is blond. His teeth were crooked (lol). Costumes. Though it was called glamorous rock in the past, the words and presence of the 'new wave' was attractive. Though I was listening to Deep Purple by then, I wondered how there could be such a stylish and sophisticated pervert. He was androgynous, or should I say he was like a stage actor. So I was fiercely devoted in the existence of David Bowie. After that, I saw the film 'Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence' to be surprised again, and I became sure. I thought this man was not supposed to be confined as a musician or an actor, but an entertainer or an artist.

- What are your favorite songs?

Sakagami: I started to listen to him from 'Let's Dance' and 'Tonight' ('84), but later I listened to everything tracing time. Still, my most favorite one is China Girl. That performance with his finger on his lips saying 'sh...' Bowie's songs often have 'sh...', 'hah', and 'woo' outside the lyrics, which make me feel as if he were acting. It is easier to understand by watching videos than by listening to CDs, making us smell the scent of acting. His way of singing, such as talking to someone and acting two roles, is not the level that a usual musician can achieve in acting. I guess that is what he is distinguished about.

- What is your favorite album?

Sakagami: That is 'Let's Dance' of course. I like it the best. I also like 'Modern Love' in it. That intro freaks me out. I like 'Blue Jean' and 'Dancing with the Big Boys' in 'Tonight', too. I like the songs which make me swing vertically.

- Bowie had various periods such as glam, Berlin, new wave, and the mega hit period with 'Let's Dance', etc. Which period do you like the best?

Sakagami: The 'Let's Dance' period is easy to listen, but I like the 'Scary Monsters' period, too. I like 'Fashion'. Duran Duran emerged being influenced by this.

- Have you ever seen him live?

Sakagami: I have never seen him live. I want to go to see him live if I have a chance. Bowie is 20 years senior to me, isn't he? What, 67? But I'd like him to do by all means.

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